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About Us

Nutan Infotronics Pvt. Ltd


Nutan Infotronics Pvt. Ltd is a pioneer in Embedded System, DSP, VLSI, Power Electronics and IT. It depicts an ecosystem of technology services by operating in various segments of technologies like business solutions, training, sales and Marketing. NIPL has launched world class products to meet the needs of educational institutes and industries.

The Project Division of Nutan Infotronics(NI) is committed to provide integrated solutions for various engineering and technical problems faced by industries. The modern technology markets have enriched by advanced power processors and precision sensitive embedded gadgets. NI offers training programs to understand those technologies with a complete picture of Embedded Systems, Power Electronics, Signal Processing, Multimedia and IT Development. It helps educational institutes and industries to respond positively to ever changing horizon of technological advancements.

NI offers developed capabilities and expertise in the following areas:

  • Embedded and Robotic Products
  • IT Services viz Software Development, S/w testing and S/W Maintenance
  • End to End Business Solutions
  • Technological Training Programs
  • Cyber Crime and Fraud Management
  • Cyber Foreinsic
  • Projects & Consultancy

Nutan Infotronics Pvt. Ltd. sets itself apart from the competition in several ways:

  • " Global one-stop solutions - Nutan Infotronics Pvt. Ltd. provides worldwide access to 'best-of-breed' offerings "
  • " Efficient manufacturing - Nutan Infotronics Pvt. Ltd. provides high quality products to customers worldwide "
  • " Innovative product offerings - Nutan Infotronics Pvt. Ltd. designs solutions to address 'real' customer needs "


To achieve global leadership in providing integrated engineering and technological solutions through sustained innovation in cutting edge technologies and to bring the benefits of newer frontiers of science and technology to its customers by transforming the training programs and business solutions sectors.


  • "Provide world-class employable Electronics and IT education.
  • "Provide best suited employment opportunities for students.
  • "Build inspirational environment where employees are engaged with their mind and heart.
  • "Deliver as per its commitment for betterment of society by unfailing focus on its Mission.
  • "Will strive to make the PATE offered courses and assessments, a bench mark for all companies which desire to recruit persons in Electronic, IT and ITES domains.
  • "Will strive to design a common prometric assessment for the recruitment of persons, in all domains and at all levels.

Our Dedicated Team

Dr. Ajit Kumar:

Dr. Ajit Kumar holds BDS from Bhabha University, PGDM & MBA in International Business from WBUT. He has an experience as a lecturer from Bhabha University. He is responsible for developing all-round business strategy for the company

Mr. R. k. Singh:

Mr. Singh is pursuing Masters in VLSI And Embedded System from Pune University and holds an engineering degree in Electronics & Telecommunication from Pune University. He has remarkable experience in Electronics, Robotics and Embedded domain. He also expertises in providing leadership for Training, Development and Evaluation of comprehensive skill building programs and workshops.

M/s. Roopam Tiwary:

M/s. Roopam Tiwary took over as a consulatant,copy writer and an effective communicator for NIPL. She has done M.Sc and is pursuing Ph.D. She has been a guest lecturer in various colleges to discuss various IT projects. She is deft in providing an educational atmosphere where students relish to grow as intellectuals

Mr. Nishikant Kumar:

Mr. Nishikant Kumar has completed his MBA in Marketing from Pune University. He has more than Seven Years of experience in Marketing. He has worked with leading MNCs. He is known for his efficient Management, Team-building, Product Handling, promotional and branding Activities.

M/s. Pallavi Singh:

M/s. Pallavi Singh has completed her MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University. she has many Years of experience in Marketing. She is known for her efficient Management, Team-building, Product Handling, promotional and branding Activities.